White teeth to attract girls

Tooth bleaching can be a pain in the ass and we know that for sure. In order to land a hit on the ladies you have to make sure that your smile is plain white. So how can we manage that? Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tooth_bleaching

Ok, there are various methods out there. The most expensive one would be a visit at your local dentist for a tooth bleaching session. This can be very effective but also very expensive.

For most young people a tooth bleaching session costs far too much money so they can’t afford it, therefore we have to find other ways. There are fairly affordable home whitening kits available at amazon.com or elsewhere, where you can easily buy yourself a home whitening kit to get started today.

Also there are a lot of teeth whitening and toothcare recipes available. Simply google what you want to know and you will probably find it. Also another good start would be GWTI where they share the best diy teeth whitening tips and other natural toothcare remedies.

If you are now thinking that teeth whitening is really that easy then I have to tell you that you are right – it really is. It is not as complicated as it seems and if you are using home remedies they indeed can cause wonders. What many people forget that in our ancient times we solely relied on herbal medication and I really think we should get back to our roots.

So if you support us just go ahead, get out there and try the stuff out these guys provide for you I think you can buy 40 recipes for just 10 bucks which is – or at least I would consider it – fairly cheap for the amount of recipes and wisdom you get.

So see you next week when we post another thing all around lifestyle and etc.

Get the girls

This post is more based around the female stuff. Not girls but more on how to get them. Due to the journey of looking for awesome stuff on the internet we found this awesome site called Persuasive Seduction which is basically all around getting girls.


Not only we really enjoy reading this blog but more so they provide actually really helpful tips. If you have ever considered hiring a dating coach for example. The stuff they tell you do really work. We give you a short summary here but you should definately check out their site for the complete article.


So basically what PS is telling us here is that we should listen to our own believe in the tactics of such a coach. Their point is if you can’t believe you will achieve your goal with the tactics you will probably have a hard time and struggle to actually get out there and take the girls home with you.


We really love how trustworthy they are because we never heard it that way before. They also have a cool ebook if you jump on their email newsletter, which is a really short but cool guide where they teach you from start to beginning how to go out there and kiss a girl.


As we mentioned you should definately go out there and check out their site because when it comes down to it, they know how to get laid fast no matter what else you’re going to hear

3 reasons why women can’t understand why men like soccer

Hello there. Awesome that you keep reading our stuff. It makes our work worthwhile haha(;.

Today we want to talk about why women don’t understand why men love soccer so much. To be honest for a 100% legit answer we need to completely understand the female brain. At least now you should understand that the answer can’t be found within the next 500 billion years. If you know what I mean. But we try.


1. The last time we have been talking to a girl regarding soccer she immediately said the following: “I think soccer is the most boring sport ever. Can you tell me what makes it so interesting to you? I just don’t get it.”


Well indeed, she didn’t get it. Soccer is the most fun and actionable sport on this planet and that is exactly why men love it.

2. Girls see soccer as some sort of boring movie. 22 guys running up and down an huge field for half an hour. Well if you put it that way it really sounds boring, but we know better don’t we?


And last but not least the 3rd reason why girls don’t enjoy soccer that much like men do. The upbringing of a man compared to a woman is a completely different one. Men are used to hang out with friends playing football.


For the end of this post I thought this Neymar prank would be a good one:

this one is fun too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb6w3ULsxew



Howdy! If you’re already wondering why this blog is called futbolrevolutions and doesn’t have that much to do with football here is the answer: We thought it would be a funny name plus the website is all about mens desires such as women, sex, beer and of course football.


Come and enjoy our site where we will be talking about lots of cool stuff to definately not get you bored.