3 reasons why women can’t understand why men like soccer

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Today we want to talk about why women don’t understand why men love soccer so much. To be honest for a 100% legit answer we need to completely understand the female brain. At least now you should understand that the answer can’t be found within the next 500 billion years. If you know what I mean. But we try.


1. The last time we have been talking to a girl regarding soccer she immediately said the following: “I think soccer is the most boring sport ever. Can you tell me what makes it so interesting to you? I just don’t get it.”


Well indeed, she didn’t get it. Soccer is the most fun and actionable sport on this planet and that is exactly why men love it.

2. Girls see soccer as some sort of boring movie. 22 guys running up and down an huge field for half an hour. Well if you put it that way it really sounds boring, but we know better don’t we?




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